FORUM ST. PETER in Oldenburg
Our Focus

Our overall focus is to...

Practice frankness and hospitality
We want to be there for all the people of this city and region by practicing openness and hospitality. We take your questions seriously and together with you we want to seek out sound answers for our lives as well as talk about God. We are an open and welcoming church that invites everyone to experience: “I can be who I am here with everything that I am.”

Gathering and asking questions 
We want to be there for everyone, especially for those people who are searching for meaning and orientation in their lives and for those who are faced with difficult challenges, regardless of whether they have a closeness to faith or the Church. That is why we want to take up questions concerning life and survival. Here everyone is welcome and encouraged to share what moves them in life.

Being there
We want to accompany people to stand firm and to expose their experiences so that human life can win more scope, hope, and liveliness. We would like to strengthen people’s confidence in life and accompany them through the experience that in life there are often more questions than answers.   

Involvement and Dialogue
In the spirit of the gospels we want to become involved in matters of society, culture, politics, economics, and science. We would like to approach people from these areas. We want to talk with people from other cultures and religions.  We also ask questions about (worldwide) justice and peace, about the preservation of the Creation and of human dignity.

A workshop for peace and justice
The Forum wishes to offer a platform where people can work together for a more fair and peaceful city and world. We want to support the poor and disadvantaged here and everywhere.

A place to rest in our city
These days the center of many people's lives, their abode, and their place of employment are often far away from each other. The Forum wants to offer a place where new arrivals are gladly welcomed and can rest.

Recommending faith
The Forum offers a message in ecumenical openness without putting any pressure on people. We propose the Christian Faith to people who are looking for orientation and answers. Questions are welcome and discussions are appreciated . We do this with an openness that is also shared by the Church, which approves of being questioned and encourages discussions.